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Summer 2019 Plans!

As my sophomore year at Florida State University comes to a close... I am excited for what the summer holds!

I will be beginning my summer traveling to Detroit, Michigan to intern with The iGROUP! After being signed with the talent agency growing up, I was very happy that I was going to be returning over the summer to sit on the "other side of the table"! I am anxiously awaiting to experience and learn what a day is like in the life of an agent.

The beginning of June will bring the amazing opportunity to study acting abroad in London! Studying abroad is an experience I am so thrankful to have as an acting major. FSU's SOT is fantastic in encouraging all of its students to maximize on this opportunity, and I am grateful to be hoping on a plane to London. Over the course of a month I will be taking classes in phsycial theatre and stage combat with wonderful professors. The program also incorporates many excursions which will allow for the chance to be fully immersed in the culture. Following teh conclusion of the program, my family will be joining me in London for a couple days, then we will be traveling to Italy for fun adventures of our own!

When I am not on these exciting adventures you will probaby catch me out on the Lake soaking in whatever sun is shining in Michigan!

I am thorughly looking forward to the summer of growth ahead! Have a great summer! HAGS!

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