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Summer of 2016 Camps!

This summer has been jam-packed full of fantastic people, and lots of learning!

I began my summer of camps with The Performing Arts Project. TPAP introduced me to so many artists my age who embody emended amounts of talent and drive. Everybody's styles were so unique, and I think I learned just as much from watching my peers as I did from my instructors.

Over the two week period, I spent on the Wake Forest Campus I took dance, college prep classes, master classes, singing, and acting. I gained so much from all that Dave Clemmons, Neil Patrick Stewart, Lynzy Lab Andrew Palermo, Krysta Rodriguez, and Jessica Patty had to share with us.

Learning Original Broadway Choreography from all of the show Jessica Patty was in was AMAZING! The opening number of Chorus Line kicked my butt, but was so fun to learn!

It was sad to say goodbye to the friends and mentors that I had spent the two weeks with. But, I am grateful for all that I learned from them all! Hope to see you soon!

After I finished at TPAP, my mom and I packed the car, and I left directly of Tallahassee Florida for the first-ever Musical Theatre Intensive offered by FSU's School of Theatre.

Florida State is not only beautiful BUT has out of this world faculty and alumni. For three weeks I worked with Kate Gelabert, Jean McDaniel Lickson, and Kevin Covert. It is because of this Intensive that I feel prepared to take the college audition world by STORM!

Just when I thought I couldn't soak in any more information after TPAP, FSU gave me the chance to grow and learn even more! Kevin Covert provided me with a fresh perspective on my book of music, Kate Gelabert challenged my ballet strength at the barre, and Jean McDaniel Lickson trusted that I could dig deeper into my monologues, and helped me uncover a new side of myself as an actor that I didn't even know was there.

This summer has exceeded my expectations. I will be forever grateful for the memories, connections, and knowledge I have gained. I look forward to seeing all of my new friends in the college audition process!

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