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Thoroughly Modern Millie

I joined the Ravenscroft theatre community when I transferred halfway through my sophomore year. Everybody was so welcoming and happy to have a fresh face in the room. Over my time at Ravenscroft, I have found my home in the fine arts building. It is here where I have made lifelong friendships, been encouraged to fail and grow, and grew into a young adult.

The faculty has trusted me and supported me in all my endeavors in and outside of the classroom. Mr. Sharpe, Mrs. Bolin, and Mr. V, along with the administration of fine arts have challenged me and gave me a place where I could be myself.

For my final production at Ravenscroft, we presented "Thoroughly Modern Millie." This show has been a dream of mine to be a part of. Growing up in the same town that Sutton Foster grew up in, I wanted to follow in her footsteps and take on the iconic role, Millie Dillmount. Finding out that I had been cast as Millie was one of my favorite moments of my senior year. To know the faculty stood behind me and were ready to coach and directed me to perform this role to the best of my ability was an overwhelming feeling.

Even though the rehearsal process landed during college audition season, nobody lost their hope in me. Each rehearsal we grew as an ensemble. I was reminded why I love theatre so much with every minute of rehearsal.

As my final show as a Ravenscroft student, and high school "theatre kid" went up, friends and family showed their support. The cast and crew I worked beside for the couple months leading up to the show made our "Thoroughly Modern Millie" what it was. Millie was the role of a lifetime, and I am happy I could share her with the Ravenscroft community.

Thank you to everybody at Ravenscroft, and to everyone who has made my time at the school the time of my life. And thank you to everyone who supported and continues to support our Fine Arts Department.

Next stop... Graduation!

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