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Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together

Since I was 10 Years old, I have been performing with a Detroit based singing group named TRUE. I still remember my first performance with TRUE at the Rochester Village Back to School Bash. TRUE went on to perform the National Anthem and God Bless America for the Detroit Tigers multiple times, the National Anthem for the Toledo Mudhens, Detroit Zoo and Binder Park Zoo events, Rochester Fire and Ice Festival, Downtown Birmingham, Walmart Grand Openings, Countless parades, galas, private events, classic car shows, etc. We were booking events monthly, if not weekly many months. We released our first CD in December of 2012. By May 2013, we decided to audition for the X Factor USA and made it pretty far in the process. Intense preparation and commitment was paramount during this process. We had to develop many new covers that included Fix You, Home, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark during the process and really find our sound. When we came home from LA, I knew that changes were needed in order for our group to make it to the next level. We needed a manager in the music industry to market and direct us. We needed to be on the same page in regards to commitment. Well...we were not all on the same page. I was not comfortable in the direction that the rest of the members of TRUE wanted to go. A manager with a background in the pageant industry was not someone that I felt could help me reach my goals. After much thought, I decided that I had to step away from the group and to begin focusing on me as a solo recording artist. So Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together....and Boy Has It!

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