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About Me

So you are thinking of buying into this show, but,
just who exactly is Gabrielle Phillips?

Gabby is a recent grad from Florida State University's BFA in Acting program. From Michigan to North Carolina and then Florida Panhandle, her experiences have taken her far and wide. Gabby’s love of entertaining others is not limited to solely acting. Over the years, she has further fueled her artistic passion with singing, musical theatre, dance, and public performances. Singing the National Anthem at summer ball games, making it as a Semi-Finalist on X Factor USA, and starring in a two Emmy award-winning TV show have given Gabby worldly experiences beyond the teachings of any classroom. Gabby has been working professionally in the entertainment industry since she was eight years old and is a member of SAG/AFTRA. Although the majority of Gabby’s life thus far has been dedicated to pursuing her dreams in the entertainment industry, it was just the opening sequence. The main act is waiting to be unveiled in the years to come as she continues to grow as an actress and performer.

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